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Oil on Canvas
8 x 10
"Hi Bev-
My name is Steve, proud father of Ryan and Erin. Sadly, five months ago, I lost one of my all time best friends, my pal, my Buddy! Yesterday morning via the artistry of your hand, you restored my lost friend in a most meaningful way. As I compose this note at my desk, his portrait sits proudly at my side as Buddy himself did for countless (and patient) hours as I did my daily correspondence.

They say "God puts people in our path for a purpose!" There is no doubt in my mind that your crossing paths with my children was no accident. I sincerely believe your painting was provided to me at an incredibly important time, as I continue to grieve the loss of my pal.

It will be a gift that is treasured and I will be forever grateful fro what you have done for me.

Happy trails-
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